We are a premium gigolo website providing space for men (= gigolos) and women living nearby to get in contact. Wanna join as a gigolo? Wanna hire a gigolo? You're in the right place.

How we get gigolos & women together

gigolo and woman


1. Just "Enter" (it takes 60 second to get inside) and set up your profile

First, you will find the entry box on the homepage. It's quick and a piece of cake. The sign-up wizard will smoothly lead you through the registration process. It won't take you more than 1 minute to get inside. If you're serious about being a gigolo (men) or dating one (women), globally you can't find a better place to start in. The signup wizard asks you to upload your photo; please note that nude or explicit profile pictures are prohibited and will be deleted during our two-level photo check. You will also be asked to state your approximate location. That is because we want to match you primarily with people who are closest to you. To be able to do so, we need to know your neighbourhood, street or the city part where you live.

2. Is it free or paid?

All women have their basic functionality for free. The women's basic services include the right to search gigolos' profiles (unless a particular gigolo hides his profile from women with the Basic Services), send private messages to gigolos, the right to ask for email addresses of up to 5 registered gigolos, send them direct emails (upon request to info@GigoloList.com) and the right to reply to all gigolos' messages immediately (if she wants to, of course). With the Complete Services activate, women get for example the access to a map displaying all gigolos globally or the right to ask for email addresses of 15 more registered gigolos. 

A gigolo sets up his profile for free. However, the gigolo cannot search or message women until the gigolo activates our Complete Services. Until then, he can only be contacted by women. However, females basically never look up men. That is, to become visible and able to arrange a meeting, you need to activate our Complete Services. Note that almost 100% of contact comes from gigolos, as women are understandably a bit shy in this respect. 

After activating our Complete Services, a gigolo can access the "Search" section, write as many messages as he likes and use all our advanced functions. Simply, once a gigolo has the Complete Services, he can arrange meetings without limits - as many as he wants. Moreover, any potential reward goes fully to the gigolo - the website does not take any commission from the income.


3. Profile | Set experience, expectations & preferences

Once you've set up your profile, fill in all your details. An in-depth profile with photos, with correct spelling and grammar receives a lot more attention. By completing the profile thoroughly, you're showing others that you care and that you take this seriously. You're also giving them a sense of your personality and prompts to start a meaningful conversation. It's hard to write someone a message if you don’t know anything about them and have no idea of what they look like. So take time, fill in your profile and upload a representative profile image. It's definitely worth the effort.


4. Write messages and rate other profiles

Don't stay on the sidelines. Don't wait to be addressed. Rate other profiles, photos and captions. Even liking someone's photo may spark a pleasant conversation and start something more. Or write someone a message straight away! If you are proactive and take the initiative, success will come! This site is full of people looking for someone like you, so there is no real danger. If it doesn't work the very first time, don't get discouraged. There are plenty of opportunities to address a lot of members.

5. Come back regularly

With new users pouring in every day, it’s most effective to return regularly. Browse the website at least three times a week to see what's new so that you don't miss the right person when they come. When you see someone you like, don't hesitate to write them straight away. If you give them a warm welcome, who knows what could happen next?

Enjoy using the website and fingers crossed!