We are a premium gigolo website providing space for men (= gigolos) and women living nearby to get in contact. Wanna join as a gigolo? Wanna hire a gigolo? You're in the right place.

Payment Options


A very common and understandable question we get is "What do I get for my money, i.e. if I publish my offer and receive the VIP Service?"

  • Once we've received a payment, we send your offer to all your potential partners registered at our website, i.e. thousands of women.
  • Then you can fill out your profile to let everybody know how special you are.
  • You can change your offer. 
  • You can access search, see as many profiles as you like and write as many messages as you want.
  • You can arrange meetings on your own. How many? Your choice!
  • All the earnings go to the giolo. The website doesn't charge any commission.

The idea is that we provide a platform. What you pay for is access to the platform and the possibility to use its features and database.


How can I pay?

The quickest and safest payment option to publish your offer and get the VIP or Exclusive Service is by a card. A majority of the successful payments are made with a credit card.

Activate VIP or Exclusive


However, you can also publish your offer and get the VIP Service even if you have no (credit) card or your card gets declined.

In such cases (no card or card declined), you have three options. You can try the same card (or another card) again, you can authorise the card payment with your bank, or you can buy our services at Google Play. The purchase at Google Play automatically gives you a published offer and a week of VIP Service. Once you've made the purchase, you get access to our book called A Week of VIP Service at www.Gigolo.in. It provides you with valuable insight into a gigolo's job and you can claim our VIP Service. 

Buy the VIP Service at Google Play


The gif shows you how to proceed if you wish to activate your functions and services through Google Play: 


VIP Service at Google Play

Buy our service at Google Play and get more!


the Book

This payment option allows you to pay via Google Play. Just buy the item called "VIP Service at Gigolo.in". In return, you receive an email confirmation of payment from Google Play. Send us this email and wel'll publish your offer and activate your services without delay! 

Beside the services, you also get access to our book at Google Play. We've been in the business for a while and we put together a book that answers the most common as well as the most intriguing questions of gigolo dating. We called it A Playboy's Handbook. You get it for free along with the VIP Service only bought at Google Play!

Buy the VIP Service at Google Play to get incredible insights into what it means to become a gigolo in India. If you want to be well prepared for the gigolo life, start with this book!