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We are a premium gigolo website providing space for men (= gigolos) and women living nearby to get in contact. Wanna join as a gigolo? Wanna hire a gigolo? You're in the right place.

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How we get gigolos & women together

  1. Just "Enter" (it takes 60 second to get inside) and set up your profile

First, you will find the entry box on the homepage. It's quick and a piece of cake. The sign-up wizard will smoothly lead you through the registration process. It won't take you more than 1 minute to get inside. If you're serious about being a gigolo (men) or dating one (women), globally you can't find a better place to start in. The signup wizard asks you to upload your photo; please note that nude or explicit profile pictures are prohibited and will be deleted during our two-level photo check. You will also be asked to state your approximate location. That is because we want to match you primarily with people who…

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Ever considered the idea of being a gigolo? Do you like the idea of gigolo dating?

What we are like and what we are not 

If you are a male gigolo (or you are considering becoming one), you are in the right place. This is where it's all happening. Women don't look for gigolos in the streets or bars; they look on the internet. And once a woman serious about gigolo dating starts looking on the internet, she'll find this site, GigoloList.com. We are a premium global gigolo site and we invested a lot into our brand's visibility.   If you are a female looking for a gigolo (or you are considering hiring one), you are in the right place as well. On this website, you can get a large database of great male companions. No matter what your wishes are and how far you want to bring such relationship, GigoloList.com will help you…

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About us

A modern platform for (lonely) women and male companions

Who we are: an internet company focused on creating innovative matchmaking platforms. This site is for men who decided to try the job of a gigolo and women considering hiring a gigolo. Before launching this site we researched opinions on gigolo services amongst males (potential gigolos) and females (potential clients). The results of this research were quite shocking. The difference in how gigolo service is perceived by women and by men is huge! Males who want to try the gigolo job mostly expect (85%) that being a gigolo means just having sex with women. This couldn't be more wrong. The research also revealed that 75% of all women requesting gigolo services do not mention sex at all; they want to share their time and…

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Who is responsible for what?  

We try to be as open as possible regarding our website and its functioning. We endorse a fair and innovative approach to running matchmaking platforms. However, platforms like this are quite different from other dating sites. This is a very special meeting point where females find their male companions; these guys might want to be rewarded for the time they spent with those females.   Our service consists in creation and maintenance of this website where gigolos and cougars are able to get in contact to see whether they want to meet in person or not. We don't take any money for arranging meetings. Everything that happens outside this website is out of our control and also out of our responsibility.…

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